The Rogue Shanty Buoys is another (completely different) vocal group that the TestostaTones collective offers. Performing sea shanties and “songs from the sea”, the group are a tour de force collective line up of up to 8 men, comprising the original four “Tones” and more, along with Andy, our percussionist.

Hailing from Lowestoft, the group is inspired by the heritage and culture of the seafaring and fishing communities. It is a town boasting a long tradition of seafarers, fishermen and sailors – where men have earned a living (honest or otherwise) from the Sea since before the Middle Ages. They sing authentic sea shanties and sea songs as well as their own originals and “Shanty” versions of modern and contemporary songs by the likes of Bruno Mars, able seaman Ed Sheeran and the not-so able One Direction, among others.

The Rogue Shanty Buoys have to be seen to be believed and are quickly earning themselves a reputation on the circuit for being a raucous, humorous and passionate group, able to captivate and entertain crowds of all ages.

They will be appearing at several festivals and shanty weekends during 2018, including: The Ipswich Maritime Festival, The Shrewsbury Folk Festival, The East Anglian Traditional Music Day, The Harwich Shanty Festival and The Cider and Music Festival amongst others.
They also will be appearing in public with their own show ‘A Fateful Night’ on Saturday 14th April at Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall, which tells the story of the Aldeburgh Lifeboat Disaster of 1899.